There's No Place Like HoM


Do you feel like you’d like to learn more about Jesus or get closer in your relationship to God, but cannot find a place where you feel you belong?  Are you looking to join a church which believes more of the work of Christ is done OUTSIDE of the 4 walls than inside of it?

Join us.  House of Mercy is an outreach minded church built upon the work of SOUL Ministries which walks in a Matthew 25 calling, following the Isaiah 58 code of Loving your neighbor.


We believe that the whole of the Bible can be summed up in the Commandment of Jesus: LOVE GOD. LOVE OTHERS.  This is not just a belief we talk about, this is a belief we walk.

When we say “Come as you are”, we MEAN IT. We mean it on Jesus levels.  House of Mercy is a judgement-free zone where each worshiper is free to come into the House of God and focus only on Him, knowing that is what the rest of us are doing as well.


We’ve not met you, but we already love you and look forward to joining us, the HoMies, as we all grow in God TOGETHER!

Our Services are being held at 426 N Pine St Seaford, De on Friday nights at 7pm.  Every Friday we have dinner at 6pm to give us a chance to catch up with one another.  The laughter and conversation flows.  You are welcome to join us for dinner before service, or just come for service... or just come for dinner.  See you all there! <3