Taking It To The Streets


The SOUL street team hit the streets of Sussex County armed with what the homeless need.  Our greatest resource is Hope and our largest ladle is Love, but we also supply food in the form of hot prepared food served on location as well as packaged foods for them to eat at a later date, toiletries (toilet paper, tooth care, and bathing needs), and camping needs (sleeping bags, tents, blankets and pillows).


Delivering life's necessities in an atmosphere of fellowship right to their front door works to build people up -to show people they are worth more than their situation.  Returning to the same sites weekly creates a consistency which may be otherwise absent from their lives.


Those visited by the SOUL street team run the gamut of the homelessness spectrum, from those renting rooms in houses, those renting rooms in motels, those living in their cars, those living in tent encampments, to those sleeping right on the streets. 

Their living conditions and their reasons for being in those conditions play no part in our decisions to help someone.  Our concern is figuring out how to help. In the short term, we help alleviate the situation - in the long term, we help to alter the situation.